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Game of Thrones is coming back! Season 8 release date has been revealed.

3 years ago

We assume that the final Game of Thrones season will appear this spring but we haven’t known the exact date. Now it is clear and official that Game of Thrones season 8 date has been revealed.

Buy Overwatch with large discount

4 years ago

During important events game developers often lower prices of their games to encourage potential customers to buy. Blizzard Entertainment decided to do the same with Overwatch for the Overwatch Anniversary event. Now you can buy Overwatch with a large discount.

Overwatch release date – second anniversary

4 years ago

Overwatch is the youngest game from Blizzard Entertainment studio. Overwatch release date had in 2016 and from that time has already lots of awards. Today is the second anniversary of this game.

Deadpool 2 movie release date

4 years ago

Avengers: Infinity War has already exceeded billion dollars of profit from around the World. And its only beginning because of last weekends premiere in China. But Marvel is not going to stop and has even more to offer – Deadpool 2 release date.

Overwatch Steam integration – dispel doubts

4 years ago

In private messages, you ask us if there’s any Overwatch Steam integration. We decided to explain this topic and dispel any doubts. 

Marvel Avengers Infinity War release date

4 years ago

If you still don’t know about premiere of the most anticipated blockbuster this year, you should check this news. Avengers Infinity War release date will take place this week!