Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom quiz

11 months ago

New Jurassic Park movie is already in cinemas but how much do you know about the whole movie series? Will you be able to solve this Jurassic World quiz?

Fifa Football World Cup 2018 in Russia quiz

11 months ago

On June 14th World Cup 2018 has started in Russia. This is the best time to check if our geek community is also sports fans. Check your chances in this World Cup 2018 quiz.

Overwatch Anniversary Quiz

12 months ago

As every year, the end of May always belongs to Overwatch. This year Blizzard Entertainment is celebrating second Overwatch anniversary encouraging over 40 million players to play. With this occasion, I prepared for you Overwatch Anniversary Quiz. Are you able to solve those questions?

Are you hero or villain?

1 year ago

When I’m watching superhero movies I always pay attention to villains. Some of them are just another unconscious target, while the other ones are incredibly intelligent and mesmerize public with their being style. Do you want to know if you’re a hero or villain?

Avengers Soundtrack – will you manage this hard quiz?

1 year ago

Every single character in Marvel Cinematic Universe is amazing. Starting from the concept of a hero, through heir make-up, costumes and world created for the movie. However, more and more often we pay attention to the sound experience. Are you ready to solve our newest quiz about Avengers soundtrack and marvel movies ost?

Which Avengers villain are you?

1 year ago

Avengers villains appeared repeatedly in comic history. Some of them fought with full Avengers squad but some have been fought alone. I’m curious, which Avengers villain are you? Which one of them is close to your heart? Maybe better check this new quiz. 

Which Avenger are you?

1 year ago

Each of us as a child dreamed to be a superhero. I remember when my mom asked me: “Which Avenger are you?”. It’s fun because lots of people like us was waiting for well-made movies with the same superheroes. Thanks to Marvel we saw at least 20 movies in last decade where we can live […]

Thanos Quiz – What you know about this villain? Avengers Quiz

1 year ago

Thanos – one of the biggest threat of Avengers, finally had own 5 minutes in the newest blockbuster movie Avengers: Infinity War. But do you know everything about him to solve my Avengers Quiz?

If you know Virginia Potts, you will get 10/10 in this Marvel Avengers Quiz

1 year ago

It passed exactly 10 years after our first superhero movie in Marvel universe. After a decade it is time to summarize what happened in each movie. You have an unbelievable opportunity to check your chances in Avengers Quiz.

Avengers Quiz – Can you recognize what symbol is associate with specific Marvel hero?

1 year ago

If you watched cinematic blockbusters about Marvel heroes you will recognize their symbols, those belonging to villains and organizations. Are you prepared for this moment of truth?