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Buy Overwatch with large discount

4 years ago

During important events game developers often lower prices of their games to encourage potential customers to buy. Blizzard Entertainment decided to do the same with Overwatch for the Overwatch Anniversary event. Now you can buy Overwatch with a large discount.

Overwatch release date – second anniversary

4 years ago

Overwatch is the youngest game from Blizzard Entertainment studio. Overwatch release date had in 2016 and from that time has already lots of awards. Today is the second anniversary of this game.

Overwatch Free Weekend incoming

4 years ago

Blizzard has accustomed us to surprises served from time to time. But today with the arrival of the new seasonal event – Overwatch Anniversary, players who have not yet an opportunity to try Blizzards FPS will get this chance. Overwatch Free Weekend is coming.