Zack Snyder’s come back. He directs “Army of the dead” for Netflix.

Zack Snyder’s come back. He directs “Army of the dead” for Netflix.

Zack Snyder after break up come back to directing. He is now responsible for ” Army of the dead” which will be available on Netflix platform.

Last three years were very tough for Zack Snyder when it come to his private and professional life. All starts from huge numbers of negative reviewes and comments after “Batman v Superman: Down od Justice”. He was also not able to finish “Justice League” due to death of his family member. Instead of him, Joss Whedon was hired to shot the movie. Unfortunatelly, it turned out that the movie is a big disaster also when it comes to earning, not also opinions.

Now, it is officially announced that Zack Snyder will direct “Army of the dead” for Netflix. Joby Harold is responsible for creating the scenario based on Zack’s idea.

Some plot details were revealed. The story takes place during a zombie epidemic which spread on Las Vegas. Group of mercenaries decides to take the last chance – they need to get to the quarantine zone to prepare their finest action in history.

For Snyder, it is coming back to the roots because the world heard about him for the first time thanks to “Dawn of the living dead” movie.

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