Will there be a movie adaptation of “Just Dance”?

Will there be a movie adaptation of “Just Dance”?

“Just Dance is a very popular dancing game made by Ubisoft. Will we ever see its movie adaptation?

The answer is – Deffinitely yes! As “Deadline” reports, the company “Screen Gems” owned by Sony will be responsible for the production of the film based on the game. Recently, he label won the rights to the title.

But where did they get such an idea? Just Dance is one of the best selling games in the entire history. The game has almost 120 milion players in the wrold. Because of that, Hollywood decided, that this is a good ocassion to create a movie about it.

Ubisoft Film and Television and Olive Bridge Entertiment will be responsible for the production. Jason Altman, Margaret Boykin, Jodi Hildebrand and Will Gluck became the producers. However, relevant screenwriters are still sought after. Players will be dancing to some popular music of the biggest stars. So the Movie’s soundtrack will be full of the greatest hits.

The question is: Will it succeed?

As we know, until now any film based on a game didn’t ever win out, even if we talk about those made in the Hollywood studios. Usually, they are criticized and then forgotten. How will it be with the “Just Dance” movie? We’ll find out soon!

When will Just Dance movie go to theathers?

Working on the film is at a very early stage. We don’t even know who the director or the cast will be. We will probably see it in 2020.

Are you going to watch it? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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