Will “Black Widow” be the first movie for adult recipients?

Will “Black Widow” be the first movie for adult recipients?

According to the new information Marvel Studios will produce movies with the restricted category. The first one will be the spin-off telling about Black Widow.

“Avengers: Endgame” ends the third phase of Marvel Studios production. Actually we don’t know, which way will producers go in their new movies, but we are sure, that in the 4th phase we will see Spider Man: Far From Home”, “Guardians of the Galaxy” end the prequel spin-off about Black Widow.

Will the new movies be only for adult viewers?

So far, all Marvel Studios productions have been intended for viewers from the age of 13. The reason was simple – the more viewers could see a given production, the more money the studio would earn. But the representants of the 20th Century Fox decided to give the Superhero scene the restricted category and they didn’t regret their decision. The both parts of “Deadpool” and “Logan” had the R. category and yet they reached a huge commercial success.


Considering that the movie will be about the past of Natasha Romanoff, it’s hard to see it without any violence. Actually, the heroine did not hesitate to kill her enemies in various ways. Marvel has been asked for their films to take on a more brutal shell for a long time, especially for characters like Black Widow.

When will we see a movie in cinemas?

We don’t know many details about the premiere, but the one thing that is certain, is that in the role of Black Panther we will see Scarlett Johansson.At the beginning it was said that we will see “Black Widow” in 2019, but now it looks like we will see it only in 2020.

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