What is Bird Box and why is it phenomenon?

What is Bird Box and why is it phenomenon?

Bird Box is definitely one of these movies which you need to add to your watch list. Directed by Susanne Bier based on a novel with the same title reached over 45 million viewers on the streaming platform which is the best result in Netflix history.

What is this movie about? We know that all world is struggling with some unknown presence. We don’t know what is it or how it looks like. We only know that if anybody see this he immediately commit suicide. Only eyes closed guarantee that we can be safe. Isn’t sound┬átempting? We have two timelines – first the beginning of this “invasion” and after 5 years which is a core of this movie. Main character Mallory ( in this role Sandra Bullock) try to get with her two children to one place where they can live normally. To reach that place she needs to take a very risky journey through rivers and unknown places with closed eyes.

It is quite strange that this movie has so big audition as audience and critics opinions are not thrilling. It can be said that rather average. But as history shown us not the first time not only opinions matters. Sometimes an interesting idea, a quite good realization, and a few well-known names can surprise.

Bird Box Challenge problem

What is more, the main idea with traveling with eyes closed used in Bird Box caused appearing something called “Bird box challenge”. It is much more popular in social media – people emulate characters in the movie who must perform every task with eyes closed just not to be forced by monsters to commit suicide. Even Netflix warned through their official sites that this game can be really harmful and it’s dangerous.

For now Bird Box is still on the top of most viewed production in Netflix platform. It has very intriguing plot and strong acting so we can assume that it take a while when it loose it dominant position.

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