There will be two new “Alien” series. Ridley Scott will be the director of one of them!

There will be two new “Alien” series. Ridley Scott will be the director of one of them!

“Alien” movie fans can be really happy about the fresh news about creating two series placed in “Alien” universe. Ridley Scott – the creator of the 1st part will be the director of one of them.

Year 2019 will be a very important year for every “Alien” fan. This year will be the 40th anniversary of the “Alien” movie. Watch the firt trailer here:

Everybody suspected, that the creators will prepare something special on this occasion. It seems like they weren’t wrong. Soon, we will see a whole new series in the “Alien” universum. The news say, sbout two productions. Ridley Scott will be the creator of one of them.

The pieces of information about series gave us the HN Entertainment. After the premiere of the newest “Alien: Covenant”, fans were curious where will the whole series go. Finally, the creators decided to move the whole thing to the TV. For a long time, we didn’t know anything about it, but we finally got some news!

The creators are working on two titles. One of them will be the Hulu property. The famous Ridley Scott will be the executive producer. The Scott Free Productions company will also take part in the whole undertaking. For now, we don’t know anything about the second series. The rights to the series are slowly taken over by Disney.

Another cool thing, that we’ll get so soon is the documentary titled “Memory ? The Origins Of Alien” and a new mobile game “Alien: Blackout”.

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