The biggest Netflix rival is… Fortnite!

The biggest Netflix rival is… Fortnite!

It seems that the biggest Netflix competitor will be the other braodcating companies like HBO or Amazon Video. Nothing more wrong. Supprisingly the most popular video platform is aware of Epic Games Fortnite Game.

This revelation was included in Netflix’s Q4 results and pointed out that competition for screen time is not limited to the other broadcasting companies. 2,4 billion dollars which Fortnite earned in 2018 only confirmed what Netflix has stated. This time which audience spend during playing games is the time where they don’t use Netflix or other VoD platform. This has impact on financial result.

We compete with (and lose to) Fortnite more than HBO. There are thousands of competitors in this highly fragmented market vying to entertain consumers… Our growth is based on how good our experience is, compared to all the other screen time experiences from which consumers choose.

Netlix wrote

In Q4 Netflix’s financial report states that at the end of the year Netflix had 139 million active users while in November Fortnite had 200 million. This confirmes companies fears about their future and they need to struggle much more for the audience. Additionally, the second biggest Netflix rival is still Youtube. They resemble one situation from October when Google website for few minutes had failed. Netflix platform confirms that during this time they noted numbers of logging to the platform increase.

Do you agree with their conclusions?

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