Resident Evil 2 with phenomenal players reviews. This game is a huge hit!

Resident Evil 2 with phenomenal players reviews. This game is a huge hit!

This is only January and we have the game which can be definitely named as a Game of The Year of 2019. Resident Evil 2 gets phenomenal reviews and players are amazed. The survival horror masterpiece, reborn.

Embargo for “Resident Evil 2” reviews was canceled as this Friday game will be released. Those who were able to play this game are fully united that this is a brilliant production which is confirmed by high scores. Ratings which “Resident Evil 2” gets can be compared to the best titles released last year. Just to resemble that this game is a remake of a classic game from 1998 and based on current data checked on it reached average score 92/100 from 80 professional reviews and 91/100 on based on 55 reviews.

“Resident Evil 2” is praised for its climate which is a continuation from well-known previous series, brilliant graphics, audio, mechanic or plot and the best combination of old and new ever. Just to say that over 3 million players have downloaded the demo version. What is quite unusual – only 26% finished this 30-minute misadventure. Why? Probably because it is so scary that sometimes you want to throw down your mouse or pad and hide behind your couch.

Resident Evil 2 remake demo will close on 31 of January, not long after the game launches on 25 of January.

Are you not afraid and will be play this game?

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