Overwatch Talon’s Fury premiere on E3?

Overwatch Talon’s Fury premiere on E3?

The E3 Press Conference memo was already online for several weeks, which heralds a lot of surprising pieces of information about the upcoming premieres. One of them is Overwatch Talon’s Fury. However, what exactly is it?

We’ve recently informed about new games that will appear on the E3 conference. Whole information, however, turned out to be false which later we updated with proper information from each game developer studio.

But fans already searching for Overwatch Talon’s Fury phrase. And if it weren’t for recent events in the Overwatch universe, I would also confirm it as a fake. However, now I have some kind of doubt, small but always. Let’s start from the beginning.

One of the first maps for a king of the hill mode was Ilios. The map has 2 from 3 goddesses statues which fought for the Paris favor. His main task was to settle a dispute between Hera, Aphrodite, and Athena, which one is most beautiful women.

But what is most curious, one statue appear also in Rialto. I don’t think that Talon was stealing only statues but something more. And here we go, Petra is live. The new map opens totally new storyline in Overwatch – Talon conflict.

Every of these little puzzles is combined into bigger speculation and Overwatch Talon’s Fury mabye is not fake. If Blizzard decides to show us something important at E3 conference it will be historical moment. Overwatch dev team didn’t tend to appear on such events with huge announcements. And if the will do that it must be something really important from a business side.

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