Overwatch Nike Air Max with D.Va theme!

Overwatch Nike Air Max with D.Va theme!

Nike is one of the most popular shoe company in the world. For many years has a very interesting shoe model – Air Max. Now with their web system, everyone can create own craziest shoe ideas.

I’m wearing Nike Air Max shoes for over 5 years from now. And it’s not about the popularity of these shoes, but rather about the convenience of walking in them. My legs feel so much the ground when I’m walking in sneakers or simple sports shoes. Air Max shoes pierce all other shoes I’ve worn so far.

However, Air Max wouldn’t achieve such a spectacular success if it people weren’t able to create own shoes. One of the fans decided to create a shoe pattern for D.Va as a present for his girlfriend.

History of shoes above began with a birthday idea. As girlfriend was playing Overwatch, her main was D.Va. Initially, her boyfriend wanted to create D.Va mech for her, but he quickly changed plans. He decided to create something that she will wear every day.

Originally, the shoes were designed in the US and made in Melbourne, Australia.

If you have a chance to create own shoes, which Overwatch hero shoes it would be?

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