Overwatch Anniversary event is live

Overwatch Anniversary event is live

Yesterday, Blizzard has started newest seasonal event in their FPS game, Overwatch Anniversary event. They presented lots of new stuff as well as a return of the old brawls and skins. 

Blizzard began the celebration of the 2nd Overwatch Anniversary. As in the previous year, we will be able to see new cosmetic like skins, emotes, sprays or voice lines. However, the biggest difference is the return of brawls and skins from previous events! Every player will have a chance to get legendary skins they didn’t have earned previously. With all cosmetics, everyone will have another chance to play Lucioball, Junkenstein Revenge, Insurrection, Retribution, Mei’s Snowball Offensive and Yeti Hunt brawl.

Overwatch Anniversary 2018 official trailer

With Overwatch Anniversary Event old new anniversary loot boxes are back. In every loot box there’s 100% chances of at least one anniversary cosmetic. Also, Blizzard stated that there’s another big chance to get cosmetics from other seasonal events. But that’s not all. With normal loot boxes, there are Legendary Loot Boxes. Every person who logged into the game will get one Legendary loot box which guarantees legendary skin. New loot boxes are available in the following cases:

  • first login to the game during the event,
  • leveling own account,
  • purchasing 50 standard anniversary loot boxes – you will get one legendary loot box.

overwatch anniversary legendary loot box

In this way, Blizzard wants to celebrate the trust the players have given to them. In the last days, Blizzard presented information about the success of the Overwatch League brand and presented the game sales results, which have already reached over 40 million players.

Petra – new Overwatch map

In addition, the game has a new map prepared for the Deathmatch mode – Petra. A map is a place of ancient excavations located in today’s Jordan. Along with the new map, the competitive mode for Deathmatch was also launched. If you don’t want to play in a team, try your skill along with other players to be the “One man apocalypse”.

Overwatch Anniversary 2018 Legendary skins

overwatch anniversary bastion legendary skin

overwatch anniversary brigitte legendary skin

overwatch anniversary doomfist legendary skin

overwatch anniversary junkrat legendary skin

overwatch anniversary mccree legendary skin

overwatch anniversary orisa legendary skin

overwatch anniversary symmetra legendary skin

overwatch anniversary torbjorn legendary skin

For those who don’t have Overwatch yet, there’s large discount at Blizzard Store. You can buy Overwatch with 35-50% discount.

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