New Promos from last movie How to train your Dragon!

New Promos from last movie How to train your Dragon!

We are getting new materials promoting How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World movie. This is the third and final film about Hiccup and his dragon Toothless from DreamWorks.

Upcoming animation shows us our favorites characters in their adolescence. Both Vikings and dragons grew up. Hiccup is a ruler of Berg alongside Astrid. But the dark times have come. Female Light Fury appears almost at the same time as an unbelievable threat from Grimmel who want to kill dragons. Hiccup, Toothless and other need to run from their loved city to mythical hidden world. They need to battle one more time together to protect what they care the most.

Jay Baruchel who voices Hiccup in the movie and its producer James Lewis expects there to be a bit of sadness from the audience as this tale will end. “Like all great endings, there’s bittersweet aspects to it. There are things that you’re happy about, things that you wish emotionally that were really tough to accept. But that’s, you know… if we can do that to an audience, then we’ve really done our job” Lewis told during an interview to GameSpot.

Will you miss this franchise? We will 🙁

Below latest two promos of the last Hiccup and Toothless friendship movie.

Full official global trailer for last How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World.

If you want to say good bye to your beloved series, try to solve our trilogy quiz about this animation 😉

Solve How to train your dragon Quiz
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