Netflix spent billions dollars for original productions in 2018? How much it will be in 2019?

Netflix spent billions dollars for original productions in 2018? How much it will be in 2019?

Netflix is the top streaming platform currently and other rivals are far behind it. In 2018 spent over 12 billions dollars for original productions. Now we received news that 2019 will be more expensive.

Netflix’s Chairman and CEO, Reed Hastings, highlight that they are not afraid of market competition within broadcasting platforms. HBO GO, Amazon Prime or Disney+ maybe presenting a higher level of proposed titles but they don’t have funds to develop particular projects. This is not a problem for Reed Hastings. During 2018 they spent over 12 billion dollars to enrich the offer. Due to that fact, the audience receives almost every Friday brand new original movies or TV series. 2019 will be much more expensive for Netflix but also we receive more productions which will be also much diverse.

15 billion dollars – this is the amount which Netflix want to spend in 2019 for original productions. To sum up platform owners want to release more than 90 new titles, 55 full-length movies included. 20 of them are classified as high budget films ( production cost between 20 and 200 million dollars) and the rest are independent productions ( e.i. romantic comedies, animations, and documentary).

Much more will be spent also on the current TV series and their next seasons. Of course, we can expect some new TV series. Unfortunately, those impressive numbers and promises are connected with an increase in monthly subscription costs which affect mainly America.

But apart of this disadvantage within the next few months, we receive next season of “Stranger Things” (3rd season) and new TV series ” The Witcher” with Henry Cavil in the main role. We are awaiting also for “Triple Frontier” premiere with Ben Affleck and Oscar Isaac. We can forget also about “the Laundromat” – thriller directed by Steven Soderbergh where cast Meryl Streep and Gary Oldman. We can await also for Michael Bay ” Six Underground” with a budget of 150 million dollars. This is the most expensive production expected in 2019 so we really curious of the final effect.

Do you like Netflix and their original productions? For which one you await the most?

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