“Metro: Exodus” disappears from Stream shortly before its premiere.

“Metro: Exodus” disappears from Stream shortly before its premiere.

“Metro: Exodus” on PC will be available only on one platform – at least for the first year.

Epic Games is trying hard to beat the Steam platform. On their platform, they not only give games for free but also take care of the influx of games which will be available on their platform. Earlier it was revealed that “Tom Clancy’s The Division 2” will appear on uPlay and in the Epic Games Store, and now we’ve got another title that will run out in the Valve digital store.

This time we hear about “Metro: Exodus”, another episode of the FPS series based on the work of Dmitry Glukchovsky. The matter arouses some controversy, mainly due to the fact that information about the PC exclusivity for the Epic Game Store was revealed so late, about 3 weeks before the premiere. People who ordered the pre-sale game, however, do not have to worry – their orders will be honored, and the Steam game will receive full support – including updates. However, the situation looks a bit different in the case of boxed releases. They will include only keys for the Epic Games Store platform.

“Metro: Exodus” on Steam will appear on February 14, 2020, almost a year after the premiere. The game premiere for Epic Games platform is announced on February 15 this year, and apart of PC, “Metro: Exodus” will be also available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles.

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