Liam Neeson won’t appear on his new movie premiere due to racist interview!

Liam Neeson won’t appear on his new movie premiere due to racist interview!

Liam Neeson during an interview promoting his new movie” Cold Pursuit” recall hard memories from his past. One of his friends was raped by a black person. And it’s gone viral badly.

On the occasion of the promotion of the film “Cold Pursuit”, Liam Neeson in an interview for The Independent revealed a painful story from the past. The actor’s words provoked considerable controversy, for he touched on the subject of rape and on the person close to him in the family, as well as the issues of skin color and ultimately lynching.

The actor admitted that he understands the motives of the hero of the movie Cold Pursuit, where he plays the role of a father seeking revenge on a people who are responsible for his son death. He also experienced a very difficult situation when a close person was raped.

May none of us ever experience a situation in which a member of his family is hurt. (?) She handled the rape in an amazing way. But my immediate reaction was ? I asked her if she knew who did it. She did not know. I asked about the skin color. She replied that he was black.

Neeson did not specify who the victim was. The actor’s words, however, confirm that he has lived through the situation and he feels great with what he has done to this day.

I left the house and hoped that I would meet someone – I am ashamed to tell a journalist, but I did it for a week ? I hoped that some “black bastard” would come out of some pub and start ? Let me kill him.

After a week, the actor understood that this was not the best way and confessed that he is very ashamed of this behavior to this day. Neeson’s words, however, caused a huge commotion on the web. Comments are very different, but many pay attention to the mindless behavior of the actor, which leads to even greater hatred and bloodshed. There are also extreme comments, in which Neeson is even called a racist, and his words are admission to this. There are also words of support from people who understand the need for revenge, but they also call for non-committal from the path of good.

Unfortunately, based on last information NEw York red carpet for Liam Neeson’s “Cold Pursuit” was canceled Tuesday due to his last interview when he revealed that he wanted to kill the black person responsible for raping his fried.

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