“Hot Wheels” movie will be shot. Warner Bros. Studio confirms.

“Hot Wheels” movie will be shot. Warner Bros. Studio confirms.

Hot Wheels is a popular toy series from Mattel. According to new information, Warner Bros. Studio will create a full-length movie based on these toys.

Hot Wheels is a series of a toy car, which debuted on market in the ’60s. Now, it is confirmed that we see them also on a big screen. Warner Bros. Studio along with Mattel announced a new movie which is inspired by this car toys.

Let’s remind that about this project has been said from 2016. It was rumored that for Director position Justin Lin will be chosen. Nowadays, these information are not true as movie was tranfered to different studio which porably will choose different director.

A new movie will be the first full-length movie about this car toys Hot Wheels. Entertainment Weekly and Variety are using the live-action term, which means that it film be the actor’s movie, not animation. Mattel wants to shot more movies about their toys like Barbie or Monopoly.

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