“Ghostbusters 3” and new Christopher Nolan’s movie in July 2020!

“Ghostbusters 3” and new Christopher Nolan’s movie in July 2020!

January is ending and we have some marvelous information regarding next year in cinemas. Just to say that it looks exciting and this is only the beginning.

“Ghostbusters 3” premieres date revealed

First of all – “Ghostbuster 3” movie has its release date. According to Deadline, next episode will hit cinemas at 10 of June 2020. The plot is still not known but a few days ago we received first teaser trailer. It is also confirmed that in this sequel we will see in main cast two teengagers.

New Christopher Nolan’s movie announced for July 2020

Christopher Noland is a director who is well-known to almost each movie fans. Thanks to him we were able to admire so great production like: “Interstellar”, “Inception”, “Memento” or “Batman” trilogy with Christian Bale in the leading role. The last movie which we had from Nolan was “Dunkirk” and it was 2017. Of course, director won’t let us wait for his another movie too long. The Hollywood Reported informed that Nolan’s new movie will hit cinemas on July 17, 2020, so this is two weeks before “Morbius” premiere.

Unfortunatelly there is nothing more revelad. We don’t know anything about plot or what type of movie this will be. We only read that this film will be made for IMAX. However, we are sure that Nolan’s new movie is something for which it is worth to wating for.

Which of this you are awaiting most?

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