“Game of Thrones” – do you know that this was prepared for a not released series pilot?

“Game of Thrones” –  do you know that this was prepared for a not released series pilot?

Huffington Post has published a list of scenes which were prepared for not emited “Game of Thrones” series pilot.

“Game of Thornes” become much more popular year by year. And because this year season will be the last one, from time to time we receive some unknown facts about this series. One of these relates to a non-emitted pilot. The latest revelations are now presented by the Huffington Post portal, whose journalist reached the first version of the script. Here are the most important of the information provided.

During additional shooting script was changed in more than 90% from the basic one. Additionally inn the first episode of the series, we saw a conversation between Robert Baratheon and Ned Stark in the Winterfell’s crypts. Originally before the king’s arrival, Cersei was to reach here, who destroyed the feather resembling Ned Lyanna Stark, the same thing that Robert gave to Stark in production. Moreover regarding first Khal Drogo and Daenerys sex scene, its Daenerys was the one who insist on it and was happy that this happen. She also controle situation not his husband.

Moreover on the screen we could see conversation of white walkers in their ice language. Some of us also will not believe that screenwriters added to series one scene in which Catelyn persuaded Ned in his bed to let Joffrey and Sansa marry her. She had longed for her daughter to become queen. Their conversation was to be interrupted by Maester Luwin, who brought news of Jon Arryn’s death. Catelyn Stark was supposed to be a “worse” character, often expressing her power-related obsession.

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