Elon Musk revealed the cost of moving to Mars.

Elon Musk revealed the cost of moving to Mars.

Elon Musk calculated how much it would cost to move to Mars via Starship. He also added that the return trip is free.

SpaceX has become a very popular company on the satellite launch market. Everything because of much lower prices than the competiton. It became possible by the recovery of the first component of the Falcon 9 rocket. But still, the costs of such a start are counted in milions of dollars. It is told, that the starship will be revolutionary, which exploitation will be so cheap that according to Elon Musk’s vision it will be a competition for passenger planes. The flight to any place on Earth through space should last less than an hour. The rocket formerly known as BFR is supposed to be fully reusable – This is what is supposed to deliver colonists to Mars and make mankind an interplanetary genre, which will provide a greater chance of surviving in the event of a catastrophe on Earth. For example, uncontrolled climate warming.

But how much will it cost?

Elon Musk has already estimated that the price of the flight may fluctuate around the average price of a house or flat. The billionaire shared new data on the future price of tickets – he predicts that soon most residents of developed countries will be able to afford to move.

Half a million dollars is the price for a trip to Mars for the first willing. the price, however, is about to fall to $ 100,000

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