“Doctor Strange 2” movie moved forward?

“Doctor Strange 2” movie moved forward?

It seems that “Doctor Strange” screenwriter C. Robert Cargill will be responsible for the second movie about this hero. That Hashtag Show portal announced that he was hired to prepare screenplay for the sequel.

For now, there is nothing known about the plot details. However, last year interviews which Robert Cargill was given, he mentioned about some news. He told that if he will be asked to write a scenario for the sequel, he wants Nightmare as a villain.

Nightmare is one of the oldest characters from Marvel universe. In comics, it is presented in 1963. He controlled one of the Splinter Realms known as the Nightmare Realm and the Dream Dimension. Nightmare is one of the most powerful Doctor Strange’s enemies. This demon attacks his victim in sleep, still its psyche which strengthens him.

It is said that “Doctor Strange 2” will be directed by Scott Derrickson so the same as responsible for the first movie.

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