“Captain Marvel” Russian movie trailer with new scenes!

“Captain Marvel” Russian movie trailer with new scenes!

Captain Marvel is the nearest blockbuster movie about woman hero with Kree power. On Youtube appear Russian movie ttrailer with new scenes and photos never seen before.

In “Captain Marvel” movie, Carol Danvers, the U.S. Air Force military officer, gets unique powers from cosmic Kree race as a result of an accident. She needs to fight against shapeshifter Skrull race which wants to destroy Earth and every living. On Youtube new movie trailer appears. It is a Russian trailer, which includes some new scenes.

Additionally, we get also a new photo presenting Maria Photon Rambeau. She is also a pilot and Carol’s best friend. Whereas, a Twitter user showed a page screen from the book “Captain Marvel: Hero Storybook”, which presents Carol Danvers along with other person acting by Annette Bening. It turns out that it is the Supreme Intelligence, which is the Kree race ruler.

Below you can see both images.

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