“Captain Marvel” – only one streaming VOD platform will show it.

“Captain Marvel” – only one streaming VOD platform will show it.

On February 5, a telephone conference with Disney investors took place. It also discussed the issue of the Disney + platform and important information about Captain Marvel was revealed.

“Captain Marvel” will be the first Marvel movie, which will be available exclusively on the VOD platform called Disney +. Investors were informed during the telephone conference about that fact. This means that other VODs like Netflix, Amazon, HBO etc. which has a lot of MCUs, will not get a license for this title. This is a huge disadvanatge for other platform subscribers.

However, it was not disclosed, what about other MCU titles available on Netflix platform. The information concerned only “Captain Marvel” movie, who will go there after the premiere on DVD and Blu-ray. It will probably be at the end of 2019, when Disney + will start.

Disney director Bob Iger also revealed that the vast majority will create production internally in their studies. He admits, however, that they do not exclude that they will occasionally buy licenses for interesting projects from other companies.

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