Captain Marvel movie ticket pre-sale exceed expectation.

Captain Marvel movie ticket pre-sale exceed expectation.

Pre-sale of tickets for new Marvel and Disney Studios movie has now begun and it is astonishing.

Within 24 hours it reached the third highest result from all Marvel movies of all time. According to Fandango, for now, unbeatable are Avengers: Infinity War and Black Panther. Erik Davis who is a Managing Editor at Fandango told the CNBC that the fact that ‘Captain Marvel’ is third among all MCU titles in the first 24 hours just shows us how much people are anticipating the film.

Also, Atom Tickets ( one of the most popular movie ticketing service) confirms that news adding that because over 40 days left till Captain Marvel movie release, it can beat Avengers: Infinity War result. We can admit that 2019 will be probably very good for Disney Studio, which is the owner of Marvel Studio. Just to say that last year Avengers: Infinity War and Black Panther exceed almost 1,4 billion USD at the United States box office and over 2,2 billion USD globally. Analyst assumes that first week should bring more than 100 million USD and probably will be as good or better result that DC Wonder Woman reached.

Unfortunately nor Fandango neither Atom Tickets did not reveal the dollar figures of the first-day ticket sale for new woman-hero Marvel movie.

Captain Marvel movie will appears in cinemas at 8th of March.

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