Black Widow gets her own movie!

Black Widow gets her own movie!

Along with the premiere of “Avengers: Endgame” third phase of Marvel Cinema Universe will end. No one should be surprised that Marvel Studio and Disney starts to preparing new movies from next stages of its universe. “Spider-man”: Far from home” is the first one from a new phase.

Despite the fact that the next spider movie will hits cinemas just in July this year we don’t know of any other movies from Marvel Studio that are confirmed and announced. Meanwhile, according to The GWW, on 28 of February 2019 “Black Widow” movie start shooting. This will be a surprise if it were true, as neither Marvel nor Disney Studio announced about their future projects on which they focus. Black Widow is a character played by Scarlett Johansson. It is rumored that movie will be shot it Croatia and Miami (USA). Nothing more is known about this production. Some unconfirmed sources add that main villain will be a woman in her 50’s and we should receive female Bond production. According to CBR, early rumblings suggest that “Black Widow” action will take place sometime before Iron Man 2, which is where Natasha Romanoff made her MCU debut.

The GWW add that “Black Widow” should appear in cinemas in May 2020 but this is information not yet confirmed byt Disney Studio.

Do you like this character and you want to watch this movie?

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