Avatar 4 and 5 could be canceled?

Avatar 4 and 5 could be canceled?

It’s been 10 years since first Avatar movie premiere. It is now official that the work on the set of second and third Avatar chapter has just finished. Fate of the last two films from five expected is still unknown.

On the Internet, information appeared that Fox Studio had still rights for this Avatar trademark and awaits for financial results of new two movies to decide what to do whit last two. If Box Office results will meet expectations Fox Studio give green light to prepare last to chapters. But now situation changes. Avatar trademark was taken over by Disney and it is said that their financial expectation can be reduced. This brings much hope that James Cameron will continue his Avatar journey with the next movies.

Please be informed that this is just rumors and can or can’t be true. Of course, we hope that new Avatar movies will appear in cinemas soon.

Did you watch the first Avatr movie? Do you like it and await for another?

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