“Aquaman” – James Cameron commands the DC movie. However, he has a few remarks.

“Aquaman” – James Cameron commands the DC movie. However, he has a few remarks.

James Cameron commented on the new James Wan movie “Aquaman”. He commands it but also has some comments.

“Aquaman” is a DC and Warner Bros. movie which hit cinemas at the end of December last year. The main character is a superhero but also the heir of the Atlantis throne. Due to that fact, a significant part of the movie takes place underwater, where we observe the impressive world of the sunken kingdom and the great sea creatures.

The movie has a relly great reviews, both from the audience and the critics. Now, also James Cameron decided to comment on this production. During interviews for his current movie “Alita: Battle Angel” he was asked “Aquaman” and this was what he told:

I think its great fun. I never could have made that film, because it requires this kind of total dreamlike disconnection from any sense of physics or reality. People just kind of zoom around underwater, because they propel themselves mentally, I guess, I don?t know. But it?s cool! You buy it on its own terms.

In the further part of the interview, Cameron decided to add his “but”. As he is currently shooting the new Avatar just under water, he points out that it is difficult for him to pass some things on the agenda because they have little to do with reality. He spent thousands of hourse underwater and this world in the movie seems to him not real.

Cameron added that if he was the creator of “Aquaman”, he would pay more attention to environmental issues, such as ocean pollution – in his opinion, there were not enough of them in this movie, and it would be worth moving them more. In the end, he challenges the creators of the movie – let us remind you that Aquaman already has a billion dollars in the box office, and therefore joins the club of the highest-earning productions, in which “Avatar” or “Titanic” Cameron are already. Still, the director does not treat the movie as a competition. As he says jokingly:

Come back when you hit your second billion and you?re on your way to your third ? then we?ll talk.

Cameron is now during creation “Avatar 2” which as to believe rumors will take place in Pandora but underwater. The movie should hit cinemas in December 2020.

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