“Aquaman” got it! The highest- grossing DC movie ever.

“Aquaman” got it! The highest- grossing DC movie ever.

Like we wrote few days ago “Aquaman” has big chance to reached the best DC movie result. Now it is confirmed that it made it.

“Aquaman” is now the top-grossing DC movie of all time. It takes “Batman: The Dark Knight Rises” place. Since last Christian Bale’s as a Batman, Warner Bros. have been trying to achieve again the same or better result in Box Office. It took several years and “Aquaman” is now this one movie which meets their expectations.

Warner Bros. tried to reach with DC what Marvel did. Almost every next Marvel production bit records and was in top Box Office for weeks. First DC movie which surprisingly exceeds expectations was “Wonder Woman”. Unfortunately, other DC movies were not as good as Studio wanted to. Just to mention ” Justice League” or “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice”. Then James Wan was hired and direct “Aquaman” totally based on his concept. Jason Momoa was to give this character new form and change the perception what many believed to be a goofy figure.

“Aquaman” after this weekend is now estimated that have earned around 1,09 million dollars at the Box Office according to Box Office Mojo. In that way, it reaches the first place within DC movies right before “Batman: The Dark Knight Rises” with 1,084 million dollars and “Batman: The Dark Knight” with 1,004 million dollars.

We truly understand why “Aquaman 2” movie plans have been moving forward.

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