Aquaman goes on record in the BOX Office!

Aquaman goes on record in the BOX Office!

DC has been waiting for such production for a long time. For a vast majority, this movie is positively surprising. And this is also visible as Aquaman goes on record in the BOX Office.

Last information from the box office is stunning. Aquaman beat Wonder Woman which has 821 million dollars earnings and it is likely that it will become the best DC movie in the whole history. According to Variety, the movie exceeds 822 million dollars at the global box office and it is not over. It just mater of days when it hits the best selling DC movie which is for now Batman v. Supermen: Down of Justice whit worldwide box office of 873,6 million dollars.

Critics were not unanimously. Aquaman received mildly positive reviews but Rotten Tomatoes and IMDB confirmed that audience opinion matter. James Wan gave us quite good movie, sometimes predictable but with great and astonishing CGI. Water world presented in Aquaman is breathtaking and it is visible that actors are feeling well in their characters. This and much more caused that Aquaman is one of the best movies in 2018 and probably get DC universe back on the right track. If it earns much more and Shazam movie which appears in theaters soon receive good reviews also, we can assume that it will be just beginning for new movies from DC.

Did you enjoy Aquaman?

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