“Aquaman 2” confirmed! Will James Wan direct the sequel?

“Aquaman 2” confirmed! Will James Wan direct the sequel?

This information should not be a surprise based on details from the latest Worldwide Box Office. Now Warner Bros. confirmed that we get another movie with Aquaman hero.

James Wan is a father of “Aquaman” success but it is not sure if he will be teh director of “Aquaman” sequel. He will choose writers and point out which ideas should be develope. When screenplay wil be finished than he decide if he want to direct this movie.

James Wan is also so important for Warner Bros. that they left him a free choice as for the next movie hero. For a while, he thought about Flash but finally, he decides to take Aquaman once again. In his opinion, it is a huge creative challenge. Through the years, Aquaman character was not taken seriously. Now it far from it looking on latest results from Box Office and audience positive reviews who want more Aquaman.

“Aquaman” is on the right track to becoming the second highest grossing movie from Warner Bros. Studio in history. He needs to beat “Batman: Dark Knight Rises” with 1084,9 million dollars. “Aquaman” reached for now 1075,2 million dollars and it is still shown in cinemas.

Are you awaiting for Jason Moman Aquaman movie?

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