Apex Legends has knocked Fortnite on Twitch. What a stats!

Apex Legends has knocked Fortnite on Twitch. What a stats!

“Apex Legends” has almost taken ovet Twitch platform. Since its release it is a number one on this streaming platform.

Apex Legends is a battle royal shooter. It’s become the first hit of this year gathering over 10 million players only within 3 days. After less than two weeks we now knew new stats – this game has over 25 millions players. This is one of the best records. Just to mention that during last week, on Twitch viewers watched almost 11 million hours of “Apex Legends” streams more than “Fortnite”. It is a much more important result as in the same period “Fortnite” released 600 thousand more hours with content than “Apex Legends”. “Apex Legends” bits also “Fortnite” when we compare average numbers of viewers in the current moment ( 183k ver 116k) and the highest number of viewers in the current moment ( 492k ver 326k ).

It is hard to say how long this trend will stay. Players have been awaited for such shooter for a long time and now it is visible how popular it is. Of course, some of the gamers dig in the game and found out that probably it will bring in solo and duo mode to this game. For now, you can play with three-players teams. If those new modes will appear probably the maximum number of players than can be in one game is 60.

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