“Apex Legends” goes mobile for iOS and Android? EA Directors speaks.

“Apex Legends” goes mobile for iOS and Android? EA Directors speaks.

Andrew Wilson, EA Games Director, revealed that he plans to move the new battle royale hit to smartphones. “Apex Legends” would have a chance to become a serious competitor of “Fortnite” and “PUBG”.

EA definitely has a reason to be proud. In the first 72 hours, 10 million people played in “Apex Legends”. During the week, this number grew to 25 million, with up to 2 million logged-in players at the same time. The game was also very warmly rated by the reviewers. In the Metacritic website the PC version can boast a score of 89/100 points. “Apex Legends” also beat “Fortnite” on Twitch in terms of watch time gathering 11 million hours more than Epic Games production reached. As for the first week of existence, it’s very impressive achievements.

Therefore, it is no wonder that EA intends to introduce “Apex Legends” also for smartphones. The President of EA confirmed that his team is considering how to transfer this title to iOS and Android and to introduce a cross-play function. However, specific information has not been disclosed. If “Apex Legends” stays popular, it can quickly beat its biggest rival – “Fortnite”, which can boast 200 million active users.

“Apex Legens” will offer us much more than we have one. Player dig in the game and found files that inidicate solo and duo mode in the game which can be implemented.

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