“Anthem” VIP demo with huge problems. Players are pissed.

“Anthem” VIP demo with huge problems. Players are pissed.

The great start of Anthem VIP demo is unfortunatly also a big slip. Players who paid for access cannot play the game.

“Anthem” VIP demo testing was planned that starts at 6 p.m. but most of the players could not log in. They received information that they cannot connect with “Anthem” demo servers as they are full or they were disconnected. Electronic Arts technicians were trying to fix these issues as fast as it was possible but with a bad result.

In Social Media, there is a lot of opinions from pissed players who paid for access and could not play the game. EA had the same problems with closed alpha tests of “Anthem” game. It seems that they have learned nothing.

We remind that BioWare has announced that “Anthem” has two demos. The first one is a VIP demo which was launched this weekend and the second one will start closer to Anthem’s release date. The second demo will be for all while the first one is only for those who pre-order “Anthem” or are an EA or Origin Access subscribers.

Both demos are the same regarding content. One disadvantage which can meet when you want to play with your friend is that you need to play using the same platform so: only PC, Xbox or PlayStation. It is not possible to cross different platforms. Within the demos, you start from level 10 and you can achieve maximum level 15. You will be able to explore the Anthem world completing a story mission and stronghold. You also get access to Ranger and another Javelin.

Progress made in VIP demo will be passed to free demo but will not to main game. However, playing the VIP demo will unlock a free gift in the main game at its release date. “Anthem” will appear in stores on February 22 for Xbox One, PS4, and PC. With EA Access, it is possible to play the Xbox One and PC version on February 15.

Will you play this game?

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