“Alita: Battle Angel” projected to be a big flop?

“Alita: Battle Angel” projected to be a big flop?

“Alita: Battle Angel” is a new movie directed by Robert Rodriguez and James Cameron. It premiere is on Valentines Day. Unfortunately, the box office forecasts indicate that we will have to deal with a financial flop.

“Alita: Battle Angel” is an adaptation of the well-known manga, co-created by Robert Rodriguez and James Cameron. The main character is the title Alita, a cyborg, who, after regaining consciousness in the Ido clinic, has no memories of who she was. During the attempts to lead a normal life and establish new relationships, the girl discovers deadly skills. She will be forced to fight that will change the world.

Unfortunately, according to analysts, “Alita: Battle Angel” will prove to be a financial flop. It is assumed that in the first five days after the premiere, the movie will earn at most 25 million dollars, which is a ridiculously low compared to its budget. The final amount of total movie budget isn’t known but this allegedly fluctuated within 150- 200 million dollars. As for the US market, Alita is expected to earn a total of 45-50 million dollars. This means that this movie turns out to bring huge financial losses for FOX Studio.

Of course, we expect that this prediction will not come true. Latest reviews from special screening are very good so this should convince the audience to go to the cinema. Based on trailers it seems that this will be great entertainment and it should be seen in cinemas due to its special effects.

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