10 most annoying video game characters

10 most annoying video game characters

In games, we’re almost always this one special person, who can do stuff and save all the clueless NPCs of the world from dying from a hand of The Big Bad Guy of some sorts. But some of them are more less most annoying game characters in industry.

On our way to glory, we often meet stupid or straight up irritating characters, that we’d probably prefer dead. Don’t get me wrong – some of them have a very specific role and we just have to put up with them. Here’s our list of 10 most annoying non-playable characters in history.

10. Sticky – Fallout 3

Sticky Fallout 3 annoying npc

We all just love excort missions, don’t we? Especially when the ones we have to take care of are weak, unable to defend themselves and just. keep. talking. It doesn’t really matter that the enemies are close, because they have a story for you.

This is exactly the case when it comes to Sticky. It’s his birthday, he’s now an adult and have to get to The Big Town. And your mission is to help him with that. Only if you can stand his constant blabbering. And even if you somehow won’t kill him and actually suceed, it won’t end well for him.

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