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The world needs heroes. Conflict is rising again on Earth. Are you with us?

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About Overwatch

Overwatch is first FPS game created by Blizzard Entertainment studio. The game has quickly hit millions of houses and today has more than 40 millions active players online. Play different map conditions with more than 27 heroes, all with unique skills and playstyle. Dig into competitive games, watch animated shorts, and forget yourself in the game!

About Overwatch Quizzes

This was a perfect idea to create Overwatch Quiz category on GGQuiz.com. We want to check if you will handle questions regarding maps, heroes or their skills. Our quizzes were created also for educating purposes. If you like this game you want to improve your skills. Our quizzes are the best thing to remember all new stuff you learn like those below. And of course, lots of satisfaction when you end quiz with full. Hope you’ll enjoy what we prepare for you. Please share your results after the end of your completion each stage. You know, we could always use more heroes. Are you with us?

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