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Climb in this fast paced action-strategy game. Are you worthy?

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About League of Legends

League of Legends is the first fully fledged and independent MOBA type game, which was created after the worldwide success of DOTA. Riot company, in which a large group from the Blizzard studio found a place, rather did not expect such a quick success of their own product. League of Legends is a game in which two five-person teams are trying to destroy their opponents? base. They fulfill the task with the help of items bought for the gold, which is falling out from killed minions and monsters. And the key to victory is the right selection of champions and strategy chosen by the whole team. If you wanna be better try our League of Legends Quiz section.

About League of Legends Quizzes

League of Legends is a breakthrough game. Do you know what skills Caitlyn, Ezreal or Janna use? Can you select the right items from the shop to increase your damage? Or do you maybe know what the Blade of the ruined king is for? League of Legends Quizzes has been created in such way so everyone could take part in them. So the players that do not know the game well can use the hints and the advanced players won?t get bored with simple questions. Do you think you can score 10/10 in our League of Legends Quiz?

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