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About GTA 5

Grand Theft Auto is one of the favorite game series of millions of players. The game has evolved quickly since the time of its first edition and now it is sold in 200 million copies. GTA 5 is also one of the most controversial games because of its brutality. In the game, you are a gangster and to accomplish the mission you have to sleep with a woman, kill few scamps or face the police or SWAT, who are chasing after you. GTA 5 Quiz will help you get most of that.

About GTA 5 Quizzes

GTA owes its success to die-hard fans of the brand. That is why we want this brand to remain for many more decades. GTA 5 Quiz is about all news concerning the game as well as about previous editions. We hope that thanks to it you will explore the plotlines known from the previous games and find out what kinds of vehicles and weapons could have been used. Sounds good? Try yourself on the first quiz.

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