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Ancient battle between two ancient hero teams. Will you solve Quiz about Dota2?

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About Dota 2

Dota first appeared as a mod to Warcraft 3 game. At that time no one thought that new way of playing will develop a new branch of a gaming industry ? MOBA. In Dota 2 we are playing as one of many characters divided into DPS, tank or support classes and together with 4 allies, being supported by minions, who are sent from the base from time to time, we have to destroy enemies? base. Our Dota 2 Quiz could help you earn much more!

About Dota 2 Quizzes

Dota 2 has a rich history. A multiplicity of characters, their plotlines and skills are very good reason to check your knowledge on our quizzes about Dota 2. In our resources, you will find quizzes of different difficulty, from easy ones to very difficult ones – which will require extra knowledge from the internet. We hope that you will like the formula that we proposed and you will visit our page and invite your friends to join you. Do you think you will manage to answer our questions?

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