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Humanity is in danger. Will you help save us by solving our Destiny Quiz?

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About Destiny

Destiny is a game, which story has been set off in the far future ? when people on Earth have already contact with other interstellar civilizations. The story is based on the exploration of the huge open virtual world during the war with hostile races. The only salvation for people is the object called Traveler. The mankind has to do whatever in its power to reborn and develop its own civilization again. You can help us build our Destiny Quiz community!

About Destiny Quizzes

Destiny is characterised by several class figures, various weapons and special skills of heroes provided by Traveler. Quizzes, prepared by us, aim to bring you closer to Destiny game and help in solving subsequent missions or learn more about multiplayer games. We hope that thanks to this you will improve your skills in the game, use gained knowledge while helping your friends in common game and invite them to our page.

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