Counter-Strike: GO Quiz

Stand side by side with friends and become terrorist or counter terrorist legend.

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About Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Counter-Strike is one of the most popular FPS game series in the world released by Valve Corporation company. It has been a bestselling game and one the esports leaders for many years. The newest version of the game had a big problem to solve ? Counter-Strike 1.6. Only when the sponsors decided to drop the monetization model of one of the oldest versions of the game, players and money started appearing in CS: GO. In Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players can play the role of Terrorists and Counter-terrorists, whose main goal is to plant a bomb or defuse it. and our Counter Strike Global Offensive Quiz is for you!

About Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Quizzes

CS has a lot to offer, from different types of weapons to grenades and cases, from which you can get various cosmetic elements. Numerous maps and tactics are very desirable, that is how we get the idea for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Quiz. We hope that our quizzes will let you consolidate your knowledge or even find out something new about this iconic brand. Maybe thanks to our quizzes you will fall in love with this game and become one of the rising stars of esport?

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